LSCC Studies

Re-Discovering Membership

We believe at Living Springs that God not only has great plans for us as a church, but that he has wonderful plans for each one of us as individuals. The Purpose of this course: To help you realize God’s plan for your life, your place in his church, help you connect with his people, and be a part of God’s Kingdom work! This Class is for you if you are new to the church, new to the faith, want a refresher course, or if you took this class more than 5 years ago (It is refreshed and updated!

Pastor Dave, et al

Inductive Bible Study

Connie Bultema/Caroline Ray

One of the keys to growing in your faith is learning the skills to better study the Bible. One Bible study method is Inductive Bible Study. This is an approach to God’s Word focusing on three basic steps: observation (what does it say?), interpretation (what does it mean?), and application (what does it mean for my life?). This will empower you to have better devotions as well as deeper explorations of the Scripture.