Springs Kids LIVE is a virtual small group for K-5th graders. We meet on Sundays at Noon on zoom.
Password: 0f6YZy
Moms and Dads, if you'd like more info regarding the meetings, contact Cristin Verver @cverver@livingspringscc.org
Join via Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 7 PM

Zoom Meeting  https://zoom.us/j/ 93560241443
PW = 8Hqn7x
Join Pastor Jason on Facebook Live today  at 8:50a.m. for our Spiritual Formation Class as we continue our exploration of this question "What is the church's mandate?"

Click here to download the   class handout:  -----> 
Open to any couple who wants to grow in their marriage. This is  practical teaching and a great opportunity to connect.

Join us via Zoom  on Sunday’s at 9 AM.  Just click on the Zoom Meeting link  -------->https://us02web.zoom.us/j/85882103192
Saturday’s from 11AM-1PM
Parking Lot
Living Springs Community Church
19051 S. Halsted, Glenwood, IL