Our Living Springs vision has expanded to igniting a movement of Spirit-Filled, Multicultural Churches radically blessing our communities and beyond.  We have planted our first new site of Living Springs in September, 2014, the Living Springs Riverdale Ministry Center.   We serve our residential communities and church communities in such a way to bless and empower God's people to address challenging life experiences and grow spiritually. As a ministry center, we provide spiritual and daily living resources to those among us who are broken, lost, hurt, disconnected, and/or in special need. Just like our sister church in Glenwood, a vision emerged for Riverdale to continue to be a Spirit-filled, multicultural church that radically blesses our community and beyond.  We are excited that our two churches continue to reflect and live out this God-given vision and we continue to grow into a compassionate and active voice in the Riverdale community.